5 Signs Your UTV Air Filter is Dirty

5 Symptoms Your UTV Air Filter is Dirty


As we all know proper air flow to the engine is key to performance.  UTV engines are a combustion design that rely on air flow to work.  If the airflow is hindered, your engine will essentially suffocate. So we have compiled a simple list to help you diagnose a dirty air filter.  

1. A Decrease in Gas Mileage: One of the biggest signs your air filter needs to be replaced is noticeable MPG loss.  Some owners may remember they could make it 300 miles, and now it seems that they can only make it 250.  A decent judgment on how far you’re typically able to ride is always nice to know, and keep in mind during your adventuring.

2. Reduction in Horsepower:  Another key sign your air filter needs to be changed is the loss of horsepower.  While in the past your machine would fly through the trails, and now for some reason you can no longer keep up with your friends.  Your engine is struggling to breathe and will compensate by burning more fuel.

3. Engine Misfiring:  If you have ever noticed your UTV might not be starting on the first or even second try, it’s a tell tale sign that there is an airflow problem.  The engine is struggling to breath while fuel continues to enter.  Your engine is beginning to flood since the ratio of fuel and airflow is now off.  If you’re having trouble starting the vehicle, checking the air filter is a good idea. 

4. Strong Fuel Smell: If gasoline is leaking from the tailpipe, it will have a distinct smell notifying you something is not normal. The smell of fuel can also indicate a fuel tank leak, you can confirm your suspicions of exhaust leakage by checking for the signs of black smoke or even flames coming from the tailpipe. 

5. Strange Engine Noises: While your car is in park, listen to it closely.  A healthy engine with proper airflow should have a smooth and even sound. If your idle sputters or you hear hiccups, your filter may need to be checked or changed.  Another cause of this issue are dirty spark plugs which is the result of air intake issues. If you discover your air filter is in need of a change, checking the condition of the spark plugs to see if they have suffered any damage wouldn’t be a bad idea.  By changing these two parts, it could be a drastic change for your engine’s performance.

These 5 simple examples show how important air filters are to your engines performance.  This is why we at KWT Filters engineered a solution with the KWT Particle Separator.  Unlike other products, the KWT Particle Separator requires no fan, no electricity, and has zero moving parts. Using a patent pending advanced disruptive airflow technology the filter quietly and efficiently removes up to 98% of particulates before the airflow reaches your stock filter.

The average UTV owner might change their air filter a couple times a year at a cost of $60-70 each, some drivers may change theirs more depending on their riding conditions, which can really begin to get expensive.  The one time purchase of the KWT Particle Separator drastically reduces the cost of continuous air filter purchases. 


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