How It Works

All engines rely on a clean and continuous air supply for proper operation. The KWT Particle separator is a revolutionary prefilter that separates clean air and unwanted particulates before the airflow ever reaches your stock air filter. This both prolongs the life of your stock filter and preserves optimal engine performance.

Unlike other products, the KWT Particle Separator requires no fan, electricity, or other moving parts. Using a patent pending advanced disruptive airflow technology the filter quietly and efficiently removes up to 98% of particulates before the airflow reaches your stock filter.


Our technology stems from a long history of providing product solutions for the Department of Defense and Commercial Aerospace customers. We take extensive measures and test planning to ensure our products are tested and vetted before going into production. Soldiers lives and commercial satellites depend on it. The KWT filter is a new patent pending technology that has been ISO 5011 and Dyno tested.

The KWT Particle Separator offers an affordable and highly effective safeguard from diminished performance and permanent engine damage. Because the Separator requires no electricity, installation is done quickly and easily with basic tools.

The Separator operates quietly without the need for loud fans or other moving parts prone to wear and tear and eventual malfunction. The elegance of design makes the KWT Particle Separator more affordable so it pays for itself after avoiding just a couple filter changes. Other products on the market are either largely ineffective or too expensive to make economic sense as an after-market supplement.


The KWT Particle Separator removes up to 98% of dust particles which extends your vehicle’s air filter up to one year. (Shown - New filters after one ride with and without KWT Separator on the left and right, respectively).


The KWT Particle Separator continuous clean airflow preserves engine performance.


The KWT Particle Separator Patented Cyclonic technology does not require electrical power and installs to existing roll cage on vehicles - a quick 20 minute install.