Returns & Warranty


KWT Filters is continually striving to build the optimum products accessible and provide top notch customer service.

If you are returning merchandise within 30 days from the date of receipt, and the item has not been installed, modified and is complete, you may return all parts of the order to receive a full refund for the original purchase price of the product. Original shipping return shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. If you are returning merchandise after 31 days, a 15-30% restock fee will apply, and store credit will be issued for the balance. No returns will be accepted on merchandise after 90 days.


  1. Return the item in the original box with all parts and documentation included with the Return Goods Authorization form.

  2. Package the returned items properly. When shipping merchandise back to KWT Filters, please wrap the part(s), place in a sturdy box and secure with tape. Do not leave the part(s) loose in the package. Parts scratched or damaged in return shipping due to inadequate packaging will not be accepted.

  3. All returns must be sent pre-paid. We strongly suggest you ship by FedX, U.S. Mail or by UPS Ground. All foreign returns must be authorized in advance. No collect shipments will be accepted. Insure the returned part for its full value to protect yourself against loss.

  4. Send all returns to: KWT Filters 435 Carmel Street, San Marcos, CA 90278


KWT Filters offers a 1-year limited warranty from the original date of purchase for Particle Separators. Our products are warrantied against manufacturing defects. The warranty is voided if the KWT Filters product is used in any type of racing or competitive event, customized or modified or any illegal highway use.