Kros-Wise, Inc. is a premier engineering and business solutions firm founded in 2004 that primarily focuses on Department of Defense Consulting. Kros-Wise Technology (KWT) is a sub-division that was launched in 2017 to provide customers with technology products designed around our technical expertise in aeronautical and defense solutions.

KWT Chief Technology Officer, Ken Larson, is an avid off road enthusiast. After spending 20+ years riding the dirt roads of the desert and spending many weekends changing out air filters on off-road vehicles after only a couple rides, he knew there had to be a better way to extend the life of air filters. 

A prominent aerodynamicist in the aviation industry for 30+ years, Ken combined his passion for off-road riding with his technical expertise to develop the KWT Particle Separator. After years of development, the Separator’s innovative technology reduces up to 98% of dirt particles before the air ever enters your off-road vehicle’s filter, extending the life of the air filter up to one year. Non KWT systems incorporate a loud fan using outdated technology to separate air from particulates.

The KWT Particle Separator operates silently using cutting edge patented passive technology requiring no power. The original concept was discovered and refined using mathematical algorithms and 3-D modeling then rigorously field tested using prototypes in desert conditions.

Enjoy a system that will protect your engine, give you more time on the dirt, and provide your engine the fresh air it requires with zero operating sound.