Adam Fitza Racing Built Polaris RZR Succeeds At UTV World Championship


Presented by Off-Road Assassin/Adam Fitza Racing

(Dolores, CO - October 18, 2021) — Over 200 UTV teams headed out to Lake Havasu, Arizona, this past weekend to race over two days in the 2021 UTV World Championship. Adam Fitza Racing brought out their 2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S, which they ran at last year's UTV World Championship.

"The UTVWC is insane," Adam Fitza said. "Huge props to Mad Media and The Martelli brothers for putting on such an amazing event catered to only UTVs, which has always had a huge turnout and amazing marketing for all involved."

"The course is designed for UTV racers," Fitza continued. "Super tough course with tight rocky washes, fast-paced washes, blind crests, huge rocks, and of course silt. It has a bit of everything, testing man and machine. There is no way we could race our Spec TT (Trophy Truck) on this course. It's great!"


Before the green flag dropped, teams headed to Downtown Lake Havasu to go through tech and contingency. This location was new for this year as it brought the racers and fans closer together than last year due to the pandemic. Still, it was perfect as Arizona has a substantial off-road audience and plenty of enthusiasts itching to get back out to events.


"Tech and contingency were huge," Fitza said. "The past few years have been tough with the global pandemic we have all been living in. Seeing thousands of fans and racers in one place in downtown Lake Havasu was special. Racing is back!"

The course was the same as last year's race, but it didn't make things easy for everyone competing. The terrain was constantly changing and very rough, which made vehicles broken during every race of the weekend.

For the first time, Andre Laurin got behind the wheel of the Adam Fitza Racing built RZR and started the race in the driver's seat.

"The race was great; we started up front with a fast pace and dust-free for the first 20 miles," Fitza explained. "The Polaris RZR turbo S was working great with the new ZBros suspension, and we were on fire."

"I got in the car, and we suffered a few mechanical gremlins but pushed on," Fitza continued. "For only being the second time this vehicle has been raced, I was very pleased with how the car worked. It's all for fun and fun we had."

The races earlier in the day finished behind schedule, which pushed the start of the Desert Rally race back fairly late, however most teams finished at dusk.

"Drew Robinson sat in the right seat the entire race and called out everything perfectly," Fitza said. "We had a blast! Our pit crew Boogaloo Racing came down from central California and nailed fuel stops and quickly looked over the car as we pitted."

"There was tons of carnage on the course," Fitza continued. "To finish in one piece shows how well we work as a team along with the durability of all components we run, thanks to our partners that have been with us from day one."

Off-road racing is truly a family affair, and everyone from the team helping and being together for the weekend builds a stronger team bond.

"I loved racing the UTV," Laurin said. "You get a much better view of the track from the driver's seat, and RZR turns super tight. It was very different than driving the 6100 truck as you could feel all the bumps in the UTV, but in the end, UTV racing could make me faster in the 6100. Racing the UTV gave me a lot of respect for how amazing the UTVs work and how well Adam preps these vehicles."

When the dust settled, the team finished ninth overall in the Desert Rally class in three hours and forty-one minutes. The Desert Rally class had 36 entries.

"I couldn't do this without the support from my partners," Fitza concluded. "Motul, Vision Wheel, ZBros, Toyo Tires, Rigid Industries, KWT Filters, OTSFF, Rugged Radio, Bell Beef, Polaris RZR, PRP Seats, XDR, Fast R, and my friends and family who came down to help pit."


Up next for the team is the Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 1-5th.