Ride hard. Live Clean.

Comparing with the Competition

“Let me just say in my riding group we have both filter companies and with my own experience I can’t get into the science of who separated the smallest particles and who’s filter was cleaner at the end of the ride.”

“But I can say is the KWT works very well. 3 things that made myself a lifetime customer.”

#1 Their Customer service is OUTSTANDING.
<Didn't get The whole S&B Retailer protection B.S>

#2 S&B is a bit of a install even for a mechanical guy and that fan isn extremely annoying my com will pick it up even with it adjusted correctly most times."PERSONAL OPINION" 'KWT took 15 mins'

#3 I can put a garden hose to my KWT when its full of mud. "Unlike S&B"
"Pictures to show what I mean"

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