Important Ways in Which Particle Separators Protect Your UTV's Engine


What Is a Particle Separator and How Does it Work?

Every internal combustion engine depends on a clean air supply to the engine for it to function properly. KWT’s Particle Separator is a modern innovation that separates clean air and unfiltered particles well before the air reaches the vehicle’s stock air filter. As a result, the life of your regular air filter increases to over a year, while also providing protection to the most important part of your vehicle, the engine! Our filter will help ensure your engine is running at peak performance and getting the freshest and cleanest air possible. The KWT Particle Separator doesn’t require a fan and doesn’t need a source of electric power to function. Up to 98% particles are separated before the airflow gets to the stock air filter, and thanks to an advanced dual-opposing airflow cyclonic technology, it works silently and effortlessly. 

How Do Particulate Separators Protect Your UTV’s Engine? 

  • Captures Dust and Dirt


The KWT Particle Separator captures up to 98% of the dust particles well before it finds its way into the stock air filter and captures it in the bottom dirt tray. You will end up saving not only money on replacing air filters, but time in maintaining your vehicle as well.

  • Improves Airflow

Unlike other particle separator’s the KWT intakes air from two points, the front and bottom of the filter. The dual airflow entry points ensure the vehicle is getting maximum airflow to the engine. The opposing flow technology increases the ability to capture dust at the micron level. With this feature, you will be able to gain maximum performance from your UTV’s engine. 

  • Reliable and Element-Proof

A common problem UTV owners have are clogged air filters. If this happens, there can be restriction of airflow to the engine causing a reduction in power. The KWT particle separator gives you the confidence and reliability to get adventurous through difficult dusty terrains, snowy mountains and rivers, and provides a peace of mind, especially on those long trips. This filter has been designed to withstand water, dust and all the worldly elements you can think of. It has weep holes located on the bottom for moisture to escape to ensure no water intrusion can get into the intake.