KWT and Competitor Comparison

“I'm writing you to give you my review on the S&B separator and the KWT separator. I used the S&B on our 2016 RZR 1000XP for over a year. It worked well and kept the air cleaner pretty clean. The noise from the S&B was very annoying! I took the S&B off of the RZR and installed the KWT, which was way easier to install. What a difference in the noise, NO noise on the KWT! As far as the performance of the KWT, I can say with honesty that the KWT is comparable or better than the S&B performance with no NOISE! I just bought a new 2020 Honda Talon and have put the KWT separator on it! A very easy installation on the Talon again. I will keep giving you updates. Love it!”

~ Richard Templin, Quartzsite, AZ.