Polaris Mexico Wins the SCORE International Series with KWT Filters!


2022 was a hard-fought season, but the Polaris Mexico team lead by Anibal Lopez & Danny Gonzalez in the Pro Stock UTV class came out on top equipped with the KWT Particle System!


The crew kicked off the season with the San Felipe 250 reaching the podium with a solid 2nd place.  Then soon came the Baja 500 which was and always is a battle of heat and exhaustion.  Fortunately, Polaris Mexico did not succumb to either and finished in 1st place!  What an awesome win for the team, and local enthusiasts.  Then came the Baja 400 a few months later.  Unfortunately, the 400 got the best of the car, and they were forced out of the race with a DNF. (Did Not Finish).  Even with a DNF, there was still hopes to salvage a solid season finish.

Bring on the final race of the season, The Big Daddy of them all: The World-Famous Baja 1000.  This year’s race was just about an 860 mile loop beginning and ending in Ensenada, Baja MX. It was an absolute battle through the toughest terrains Baja, MX had to offer.  While the team found themselves in the lead to win the race, nearing the end of the battle it was discovered they had broken a few bolts in the engine compartment.  SO, it came down to making a HUGE decision.  Do they push it harder to win the Baja 1000, at risk of blowing the motor and losing everything?  OR Slow it down, take it easy, take care of the car, not finish first but salvage a possible series win.  They did just that.  The team decided best to pull back, take care of the car coming in second for the Baja 1000.  The payoff was the points lead for the entire season!




“This POLARIS RACING MEXICO Team was formed by 2 different groups of people that came together as one:  LPZ RACING and GEEKS RACING. Every driver of this team had different driving habits so who does what part of the race became a challenge. Even deciding where chase crews would apply their best of knowledge on race day.  The challenge with two different racing backgrounds, was a lot of decisions that had to be made on what aftermarket products and brands were going to be used during the 2022 SCORE season for the Polaris RZR TURBO S.  That said, we chose the correct recipe to accomplish our goal and win the championship.  

Before the Baja 1000 I personally checked engine compression, vacuum leak test and making sure the engine was in perfect condition. KWT Pre-Filters did its job 110% during the Baja250, Baja500, Baja400 in keeping all that dirt out of the engine being able to run the same engine all season. The best cost-effective part in our UTV was definitely KWT.  I work on UTV’s every day and I know when an engine is not well taken care of.  After knowing the abuse our race car took after 1200 miles of dirt, give me another reason besides having the KWT Particle Separator our engine ran so healthy”



Driver Anibal Lopez explains, This season went according to the plan, we battled through these tough races, but we are completely convinced that this championship win was because the support of our sponsors, and KWT Filters was a big part of that support.  We have no doubt that is the best particle separator on the market, it kept the engine clear and running as smooth as possible. 

We are very grateful for the KWT team for all the support and attention they give us.  We are definitely using their products in our next race car.  See you next year in the dust with KWT system, we are coming prepared again!”

A job well done to the entire crew that made it happen showing the true spirit of TEAMWORK - Congratulations Polaris Mexico!


Images Provided by Polaris Mexico