Preparing Your UTV For Winter


Many people ride their UTV in the dirt or sand enjoying some summer weather, but when most of us have invested nearly $30,000 into these machines, (and others much much more) we must all remember that as those temperatures start to drop - it might be the best time to do a little maintenance. 

For those living in the west like Arizona, California, Nevada, some of these tasks may seem a bit alien to you, while can be vital to many riders across the country.  The last thing anyone wants is to break down in the middle of nowhere.  Adding freezing cold temperature into the mix can be worse, and in some cases deadly.  So you'll want to keep your machine running at peak performance.

If you're planning on storing your machine for the harshest parts of winter, these tips may be very helpful to you, and your car.  l be driving during the winter you will want to keep your vehicle in top running condition so you don’t get stuck somewhere. If you’ll be storing your UTV for the winter, do the maintenance before you put it in storage. 

  1. On the coldest days, give all your fluids a look before starting the vehicle. Once started allow sufficient time to pass allowing the vehicle to warm up. 
  1. Checking the antifreeze is crucial. There is an inexpensive gauge, which tells you if you have adequate amounts of antifreeze and if your protection is adequate. Not enough antifreeze can cause the liquid to freeze and swell which will damage the radiator.
  1. Change the oil and filters. Cold air changes the viscosity of oil, making it flow less. Don’t overfill the oil system.
  1. Clean and check engine, change spark plugs, check belts, spray silicone lubricant on all moving parts.
  1. Put gas stabilizer into the fuel tank and make sure you have fresh premium gas. Before storing, run the UTV engine for 5-10 minutes so the stabilizer works through the system.
  1. Check tires and tire pressure.
  1. Wash your UTV. Make sure all dirt, oil, salt and other debris is removed. You can also put on a wax coating.
  1. If you are storing for the winter, take out the battery. Store the battery in a location where it cannot freeze and do not set it on concrete. Always remember to store it out of the reach of children and animals..
  1. Tarp or cover the UTV to keep moisture, dust and vermin away. It is best to store your UTV in a garage, remove the tires and place it on blocks. Critters love to make it their winter home so seal it up tight.

These tips should help you stay safe, and keep your investment running in proper order - Ride Safe!