UTV/SXS Safety Tips for Off-Roading

When riding a UTV/SXS there are a few things we all must remember to practice. We here at KWT Filters have compiled a list of tips to help you enjoy your day out.

  • When possible have the slightest bit of a plan when exploring.  We know that sometimes you want to just see where the adventure takes you, but even an idea of what you and your group will be doing will be beneficial. If it keeps even one person from getting lost then it was successful. 
  • Ride only on designated trails keeping a safe speed, especially around blind corners. 
  • Remember that you might not be the only ones enjoying the trails. Always ride with your head on a swivel.  Tunnel vision is a huge factor in many very serious accidents on the trails.  Make it a habit to look left, look right, back to left throughout your entire day of riding.
  • Learn the hand signals of group riding when approaching another rider.  Always hold up the number of fingers of the amount of riders behind you in your group to inform oncoming riders how many people are left behind you.  Holding up a closed fist signals you are the last one in your group. 
  • Many states require a helmet when riding.  If you are riding in a state that does not require a helmet, we suggest to always consider wearing one.   They might be uncomfortable but you’ll be glad you had it in the worst case scenario.  Goggles and Gloves are also highly suggested.  Note: Always purchased a DOT approved helmet.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the area you are riding in.  Many places have many different rules, but many remain the same.  It’s always helpful to be educated in the region you are exploring. 
  • Never operate a motor vehicle under the influence.
  • Always carry some sort of first aid kit.  Many companies offer amazing kits that can assist in serious accidents.  Even a simple bag of alcohol wipes, and bandaids can prove to be very beneficial when needed. Savage UTV carries an amazing kit for your UTV.
  • Always try to leave camp with a full tank of gas, and enough water or sports drinks to keep you hydrated.  Especially when riding in the heat. People sometimes tend to go riding longer than they expected, and don’t bring enough water for the unexpected long ride.
  • Common sense goes a LONG way - don't forget to practice it