What value does the KWT Particle Separator Bring?


One thing we love about our customers is the feedback.  We have many proud UTV owners with the KWT Particle Separator installed working hard to keep their air filters and engines clean.  The amount of positive feedback that we receive, continues to remind us that the engineering, research and development, and hard work is all worth it.  

Now and then we get feedback or questions asking:  Why do I need it?  What value does it give me?  “Value” can be answered in two separate ways.  Firstly, a UTV air filter will cost you on average $60-70 each.  Depending on riding style and proper maintenance, some owners change them several times a year.  If you do the math after a couple new filters a year it begins to add up quite quickly.   The KWT Particle Separator retails for $399, a one time cost.  Your wallet will thank you over time.  Secondly we have value in terms of benefits to you or your machine.  We have seen and heard many times that the cause of engine failure or severe damage was due to dirt and dust.  Sometimes too much dust can pass through the air filter and into your motor, causing a catastrophic failure.  With the KWT system, your engine will thank you later.


Throughout social media, we get tagged in comments and posts almost daily by customers and enthusiasts alike, who are happy they have installed the KWT Particle Separator

“The KWT Particle Separators work great, 700 miles on my new machine still with the original filters” - Ray, Honda Talon Owner


For those of you contemplating getting a prefilter set up for your Talons, here are my findings from just one day of 120 miles and not riding in the dust cloud of others. This is what did not make it to my main filter because I run the KWT particle separator system. No power needed, quiet, not noisy at all. Highly recommend it. It will pay for itself quickly. - Shawn, Honda Talon Owner


“A quick appreciation post for the best filtration system in the game!

KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separators filter through the finest dust, reducing up to 98% of material from making it to your air filter. This will not only increase the longevity and performance of your engine, but also reduce the service intervals of your air filter.

Add to this that it requires no power, so you know what that means? It’s silent!

Get a KWT Particle Separator for your Z-Force 950 Sport from your local CFMOTO dealer or directly from KWT – it will pay for itself in no time! #kwtfilters #kwtparticleseparator- CFMOTO USA, UTV Manufacturer. 

One thing you’ll find common in customer’s feedback is “It’ll pay for itself”.  That alone answers the initial question of: What value does the KWT Particle Separator bring.   Ride safe out there!